• Star Trek Invades the iPad

    Posted on July 11, 2011 by PopFunk

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    STAR TREK PADD app - promo video from ArcTouch on Vimeo.

    The future is now, as 24th century technology meets 21st century mobile devices in the form of a Star Trek PADD app. Available today from CBS Interactive, which developed it in conjunction with CBS Mobile and ArcTouch, the official Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Display Device) app features an impressive, interactive database of Star Trek television show information, ranging from characters and ships to alien worlds and an episode guide, as well as Star Trek images, including a faithful reproduction of the LCARS interface, plus a recognizable computer voice, familiar Star Trek sounds and more, all spanning from The Original Series to Star Trek: Enterprise. Additionally, fans can keep track of the latest Star Trek news and interact with fellow Star Trek fans from the official Star Trek Facebook page and Twitter, both of which are directly integrated into the apps. “Star Trek fans are passionately involved with all things Star Trek,” said Rob Gelick, SVP and GM, CBS Mobile. “Through this app, both die-hard Trekkers and casual show enthusiasts are able to delve into a rich array of computer sounds, images and Star Trek-related information.” Three particularly passionate Trek fans played pivotal roles in the inspiration of the Star Trek PADD App: Eric Shapiro, Denise Okuda and Michael Okuda. Shapiro, of ArcTouch, developed the app, while Michael Okuda was in charge of the computer interface designs of the Starships Enterprise as part of his job as scenic art supervisor and technical consultant on TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, and Denise Okuda was a graphic artist and video/computer graphics supervisor on DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. “I am a huge Star Trek fan,” says Shapiro, who co-founded ArcTouch in 2009 with Adam Fingerman after a career spent at Apple, where they worked as product managers on what eventually became iOS. “My dad was a fan, and I think I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was born, which was two years after the original show started in 1966. I have been to several conventions and I’m lucky my wife is just as much of a fan. At my first startup, one of my employees got me the book Make It So: Leadership Lessons from Star Trek. I'm not saying I'm Captain Picard, but one can always dream.’ And why now for a Star Trek PADD app? “We came up with this proposal because, as Star Trek fans, with the launch of the iPad, technology finally hit the point where we could simulate the PADD device,” Shapiro replies. “Then the question was: how do we transport people today into that future universe, and that’s where the conversation with CBS began.” A highlight of the process came when Shapiro and the ArcTouch team offered a demonstration of the app to the Okudas. “(That) was one of the most nerve-wracking moments,” Shapiro recalls. “Michael was the official designer of the LCARS computers displays used in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Getting Michael and Denise’s approval is a huge feather in our cap.” And, indeed, the Okudas were duly impressed. “My favorite part of the Star Trek PADD app?” Michael Okuda asks, repeating a question just posed to him. “I love being able to use a functional implementation of my LCARS interface style to browse through actual Star Trek information. Back when the PADD first appeared on TNG, none of us imagined that today we’d be able to hold the real thing in our hands. But the Star Trek PADD App, running on your iPad, is an actual miniature, handheld, touch-sensitive, 24th-century-style computer screen.” Adds Denise Okuda, “The Star Trek PADD app shows that yesterday’s visionary science fiction can become today’s real-world technology, thanks to the brilliance of today’s scientists, engineers, programmers, and designers. The Star Trek PADD app is a little piece of Star Trek’s future brought to life. It’s not only authentic Trek, but it’s fun, too.” The Star Trek PADD app can be purchased for $4.99 on the App Store for the iPad. Check out screenshots from the PADD below: Sound off: Do any of you Trekkies think you'll buy the app?  What do you think about the interface only being made available on the iPad and not on iPhone or Android devices?!

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  • You x Two: How to Defeat Your Own Clone

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    How to Defeat Your Own Clone Lands at Dimension Films
    Dimension Films announced today that it has acquired the rights to the popular futuristic comedy guidebook How to Defeat Your Own Clone written by Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. JohnsonEd Ricourt who wrote the feature treatment is also set to adapt the script. Ricourt was part of the Marvel writing program, and his script Now You See Me is currently in pre-production, starring Jesse Eisenberg and to be directed by Louis Leterrier. There is no director attached to Clone at this early stage. The announcement was made by Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company (TWC).
    In the year 2013, the first human Clone was created and within years Clones were in most homes only to be taken advantage of by their human owners and treated as slaves. Following a revolution, civil war erupted between Mankind and their Clone creations who were fighting for their freedom. The Clones won. In this new world where Clones dominate, we follow Ethan on his quest to turn the tide of the war back in our favor against impossible odds. Clones may have the same DNA blueprint as humans, but they are younger, stronger, healthier and more evolved. Is Mankind prepared to outsmart and defeat their own Clones?
    How to Defeat Your Own Clone is being produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson at The Gotham Group. Peter McHugh at The Gotham Group is Executive Producer. Overseeing for Dimension Films are SVP of Production, Matthew Stein and VP of Production and Creative Affairs, Matthew Signer.
    "I'm excited to be working with Gotham and Ed Ricourt and feel this story has a fun and unique take on cloning that will be an entertaining movie for audiences," said Bob Weinstein.
    "When I first found this book, I knew it had amazing potential for an exciting and unique film, and Ed Ricourt has delivered upon that potential. As a producer, I couldn't be more energized to be in business with Bob and my former colleagues at TWC/Dimension. This is the right home for this movie," said Eric Robinson of The Gotham Group.
    The deal was negotiated for Dimension Films by Matthew SteinMatthew Signer and Adrian Lopez, Director of Business and Legal; for The Gotham Group by George Davis at Nelson Davis Wetzstein LLP; for Ed Ricourt by CAA and George Davis at Nelson Davis Wetzstein LLP; and for Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson by Justin Manask at Office for Literary Adaptation and Marcy Morris at Jackoway Tyerman. Ricourt is represented by CAA and The Gotham Group. CAA also represents The Gotham Group who produced Abduction, directed by John Singleton, which comes out later this year.
    Seriously, if you had a clone how much wackier would your life be? Make a bucket list for your clone and give us the top three to-do's!!
    Sources: Dimension Films

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  • Meet Me at the Movies!

    Posted on June 28, 2011 by PopFunk

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    A new startup service called MoviePass offers unlimited movie passes for $50 a month. Now you can check out your favorite flicks during your lunch hour and still afford to eat lunch.
    You know that feeling you get when a new flick is coming out and you’re dying to see it but you have to choose between the cost of admission and the gas it will take you to get to the theatre? Well MoviePass has an answer for that.
    In hopes of offering similar services as Netflix (who doesn’t love Netflix?), you will be able to use your smartphone as the holy-grail of all movie tickets and gain access to theatres as many times a month as your account allows.
    Fifty bucks will afford you unlimited privileges for a month and the company is also preparing to launch a “limited” MoviePass for $30 that allows subscribers to view a total of four movies per month.
    While the pilot passes are only being accepted in the San Francisco Bay area, the company has set its sights on a national launch (with 40 percent of theatres on board) this coming fall.
    The opportunity to change the way we seek and enjoy entertainment is upon us. Who will answer the call?
    Sound off if you want MoviePass available in your town!!

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    Get prepared for 2011 NYCC @

    This post is brought to you by the CSI: NY T Shirt Collection at and the New York 2011 Comic Con. Marvel Comics released a preliminary guest list for its annual comic industry megafest. The NYCC will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Center from October 13-16, 2011. The high-profile guests will sit on panels where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with fans from across the world. Marvel Entertainment magnates Joe Quesada, Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, and Stuart Immonen will be honored guests at the event. It’s not too late plan your attendance to this event. Puchase your four-day passes here. Sound Off: Have you ever attended a Comic Con? What's your best memory?

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  • RIP Gene "The Dean" Colan

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    Pay Your Respect to Legend Gene Colan at

    This post is brought to you by the Batman T Shirt Collection at and the Washington Post. Gene Colan, creator of Dracula, Batman, Daredevil and Howard the Duck is dead at the age of 84 from complications of liver disease and cancer. Longtime friend and biographer, Clifford Meth, has confirmed the news. Among Colan’s accomplishments he is best known for the definitive work he contributed to Marvel Comics, DC Comics and in earlier days Timely Comics. AP Reporter Matt Moore reports that Colan worked on almost every major Marvel book at one point. It was in the 1960s that his vision and artistry revitalized classic comic heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern at DC and Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Captain America and Daredevil at Marvel. We pay homage to Gene Colan and his rich artistic contribution with T Shirts bearing the characters that he breathed life into and shared with the world.  To commemorate his legacy, find yours at Sound Off: Share your experiences with the characters Gene Colan created.  

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  • July 2011 BlockBusters

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    Summer time reigns as the best movie season.  Directors, producers & production companies all fight for your viewership with projects that are often plugged months, sometimes years in advance. There’s never really any losing when the only way to beat the sweltering heat and boredom is to take a crisply, air-conditioned cinematic break. Here is a list of films on our radar; feel free sound off with what you’re dying to see this summer. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: 7/1 Michael Bay’s latest Transformers installment is expected to live up to its predecessors as it’s star Shia Le Beouf fights alongside Optimus Prime and his Autobots to defeat a new villain, Shockwave. The cast has been rounded with several new additions and we already know what to expect of Bay’s explosive delivery. Check the trailer here at the official site. X Men: First Class: 7/3 Matthew Vaughn and 20th Century Fox are going to bring 2011’s Independence Day in with a sure-fire bang! There is so much anticipation for the First Class Series! It’s a real treat to see how closely your imagination lines up with directors when it comes to prequels. A coming of age story riddled with action, explosives and the unknown: sure to size up against other shows debuting this month. See the trailer here at the official site. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2: 7/15 J.K. Rowling is taking her final bow with this coveted and final cinematic addition to the Harry Potter Anthology. The face off between Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe and Lord Voldemort is sure to be an epic thriller. Rowling’s literary masterpiece piqued our inner wizard and her artistry is timeless, unlike summer days. Check the movie’s trailer here on the official site. Captain America: The First Avenger: 7/22 Wave your flag and your favorite T Shirt for the release of Marvel Studios’ production of its hometown boyCaptain America played by Chris Evans. Witness how Operation: Rebirth transforms a military reject into one of America’s favorite comic book heroes. Tommy Lee Jones and Neal McDonough also star.  See the trailer here at the official site.



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  • Potter's Gotta Brand New Bag

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    Screenshots from J.K. Rowling's New Pottermore

      This wicked post is brought to you by the CHARMED T SHIRT COLLECTION at ,, The Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator or HPANA. Wizard Withdrawals?  J.K. Rowling has announced the launch of her latest project, Pottermore. The site will host magnanimous amounts of content and interactive activities for Harry Potter fan across the world to delve into never before released material from the famed author. Pottermore will keep you spell bound with first time ever e-books and an international community. Check out Rowling’s official announcement. Sound Off: What else would you like to see Rowling do to extend Harry Potter’s shelf life?

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  • 2011 International Comic-Con: San Diego

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    Take your favorite comic book character with you to Comic-Con! Check out to see how.

    Comic-Con 2011: San Diego This re-post is brought to you thanks to the complete line of Comic & Graphic T Shirts by & the   2011 International Comic-Con. From July 21-24, 2011 San Diego, CA will be swelling with super-human power and imagination as comic book creators, historians, novices, collectors and fans will converge upon the 2011 International Comic-Con. Cops across the nation will have to put in over time as these vetted crime-fighting- master-artist-visionary geniuses come together to showcase, swap and stake more territory for geeks across the world. With notable attendees including GerryAlanguilan, Seymour Chwast, David Finch and Jim Lee 2011’s Comic-Con is bound to rival past events. There will be 400 events held over the course of the convention and most attendees have gotten an early start on planning as registration opened in February 2011. According to the 2011 International Comic-Con official website, there will be features of major movie studio programs, and TV networks give presentations that showcase favorite and new shows. (Comic-Con has a tradition of premiering network shows months before they first air, with past examples including Lost, Heroes, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Reaper, and many more.) A Complete Programming schedule will be posted on the official site about ten days to two weeks prior to the show. With all that’s buzzing, it may be a difficult task figuring out which comic character you’ll want to don to showcase your extreme fandom. has you covered with a bustling collection of nostalgic and trendy T Shirts featuring all of your favorites.  

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