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  • Popfunk Artist Surpasses His Goal!

    Posted on January 23, 2012 by PopFunk

    As you may recall, earlier this month we shared Popfunk artist Mike Schwartz's Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of his comic's first anthology. Well, we're pleased to report that thanks to generous donations from family, friends and fans alike, Mike has nearly doubled (!) his funding goal. Oceanverse: The Collected Edition will become a reality this summer! In the meantime, check out this nice write-up on the campaign in the latest issue of St. Clair Shores Sentinel. Nice job, Mike!

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  • Popfunk Artist Needs Your Help!

    Posted on January 5, 2012 by PopFunk

    One thing we've always been proud of here at Popfunk is the stable of talented artists we have turning out unique and creative designs for all of our t-shirt licenses. So, now that Popfunk artist and all-around good guy Mike Schwartz is gearing up to publish the first proper collection of his comic strip, Oceanverse, we're pretty excited! However, for Oceanverse: The Collected Edition to finally reach fruition, Mike's going to need your help. Harnessing the power of popular fundraising website, Kickstarter, Mike is offering six cool pledge packages for donations of all sizes. Every little bit helps! So, head over to the Oceanverse pledge page to get the full spiel from the man himself. Or just kick back and watch the video below!

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  • Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    Posted on December 20, 2011 by PopFunk

    Finally! The first extended look at Christopher Nolan's sure-to-be epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy is here! Behold, the gritty trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (2012 Summer release). Whoa. Popfunk is also excited to announce a full line of officially licensed Dark Knight Rises shirts coming at you May 25, 2012! A cool eight weeks before the big July 20, 2012 movie release date. Now go reload that trailer and watch it a few more times in giddy anticipation. We are.

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  • Holiday Guide to Comic Action Figures and Gifts

    Posted on December 16, 2011 by PopFunk

    Comic book heroes have exploded further into the mainstream in 2011 with more movies and collectables than ever. Yet, as the genre's history has shown, one of the most celebrated ways of collecting superhero wares (aside from comics themselves) are their action figure likenesses. Perfect for the holiday season that is upon us, here are a few of the newest and hottest action figures and gifts currently on the market. Arkham City is still fresh in the game systems of Batman enthusiasts around the world and DC Comics has just released a new series of figures to celebrate the game. With a line that includes a buff, unmasked Batman figure, the sexy and neurotic Harley Quinn and a bo-staff sporting Robin, DC is unleashing the figures upon the comic community on December 21. Hovering around six and half inches tall, these collectables reflect the dark feel of the video game with mostly sharp black coloring and some deep red hues.
    Holiday Guide to Comic Action Figures and Gifts
    2011 was a banner year for the Green Lantern franchise as it spawned not only two roller coaster rides at Six Flags Parks featuring the comic's name, but also the multi-million dollar blockbuster film based on the comic book. Already on their fifth series of Green Lantern figurines, DC Comics has created four more action figures based on characters for the classic comic including Guy Gardner, Sinestro, Soranik Natu and Brother Warth. Let these Lanterns police your action figure collection like they do the universe and prove the competition is futile.
    Holiday Guide to Comic Action Figures and Gifts
    While that other comic supergroup might be coming to theatres sooner, DC's Justice League will have it's day soon enough as the film project may come to fruition as soon as 2015. The news alone of a potential movie has League fans clamoring for anything Superman, Aquaman or Wonder Woman. For your favorite comic book lover this holiday season, the perfect place to start is the latest line of Justice Leagure figures, which features The Joker, Poison Ivy, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. Sculpted in a stunning fashion, the figurines of Justice League: Series 3 are immense and ready to impress.
    Holiday Guide to Comic Action Figures and Gifts

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  • Dexter: Final Episode In Sight

    Posted on December 12, 2011 by PopFunk

    Though Dexter fans are anxiously awaiting this week's Season Six finale, a new interview with show star Michael C. Hall was published today, covering, among other things, the inevitable curtain call for the series. That's right: the Dexter final episode is now in sight. Showtime formally announced that the series will continue through Season Eight, giving the show ample time to start building toward a fitting finale. Whether that will involve Dexter's bloody secret life finally being discovered, his ultimate demise, or nothing of the sort, Hall was not quick to say. "It seems like a reasonable thing to think, that things won't end well for the character. But there are no rules. I don't think there's anything we're obliged to say," he told Huffington Post. "I don't know if it's possible to conclude something that people have been spending this much time with in a way that is satisfying to everyone, and if that's your focus, it's going to be hard." He then remarked that they may just throw the audience a curveball, "Maybe he'll walk out and get hit by a bus. Beep! The end." That would surely stir a lot of our dark passengers. Good thing he's joking! Season Six of Dexter concludes this Sunday on Showtime -- a fine excuse to stock up on Popfunk's new Dexter shirts. Sport your favorite serial killer serial killer before he's gone for good.

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  • Our Favorite Holiday Comics From DC

    Posted on December 8, 2011 by PopFunk

    Everyone gets excited about this time of year, and it's no different here at Popfunk. Forget building snowmen. Leave the sled in the garage. Give us some sugar cookies, a blanket, and a stack of holiday comics and we'll be set straight through the New Year. Here are some of our faves from DC. DC Infinite Holiday Special DC Infinite Holiday Special In this holiday issue, Superman plans to impersonate Santa Claus to prove to a young boy that he is real... Until Batman convinces him there are more heroic acts to partake in. Though Superman agrees, he decides to deliver the presents to the boy anyway. And who should he see the young kids screaming for when he gets there? Batman as... Santa Claus. DC Universe Holiday Special 2008 DC Universe Holiday Special 2008 This one includes 10 stories with some of the DC's greatest superheroes. Holiday action from classic good guys like Superman, Supergirl, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern and more. The Night the Mob Stole X-Mas The Night the Mob Stole X-Mas Released in March 1979, this holiday comic features Batman and Plastic Man working together to defend Christmas against a crew of greedy mobsters. Christmas 'Round the World Christmas 'Round the World Superman spends this issue reuniting refugee children with their families and learns how other cultures celebrate Christmas in the process. Merry Christmas, Justice League of America... Now Die! Merry Christmas, Justice League of America...Now Die! Santa Claus joins the world's greatest superheroes in this holiday comic. Sounds innocent enough, right? But judging from the cover, it looks like the Justice League might regret its decision to let someone new into the group after all.... So those are a few of our favorite holiday comics. What about you? Which issues do you reach for to get your fill of crime-fighting, yule tide cheer?

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  • The Best Gifts for Geeks

    Posted on December 1, 2011 by PopFunk

    This gift guide provides you with the best gifts for geeks that you can buy this holiday season. After going through this list, you will no longer wonder what in the world to get that one groovy geek on your list. Green Lantern Bookends These unique bookends are perfect for the working geeks who decorate their desks. Geeks will love using these book ends to hold in place items such as their comics, graphic novels and favorite superhero movies. Green Lantern Bookends Monopoly - Justice League of America Collector’s Edition Two American classics brought together as one. Give this collector’s edition board game as a gift which is sure to please any geek on your list. Batman Character Apron Geeks do have hobbies unrelated to superheroes, but it doesn’t mean they can’t interrelate their favorite. This Batman Character Apron is perfect for the geek who likes to do non-geeky things too, like cook. Batman Character Apron   Walking Dead Rise and Feed Premium Enamel Lighter The perfect gift to give that geek on your list who is obsessed with the hit comic series, The Walking Dead. Give them a gift they can carry with them wherever they go and a lighter they will make sure not to lose. Cover Girls of the DC Universe Poker Set Deluxe poker set equipped with two 54-card decks, 300 poker chips, five red dice and includes two keys to unlock the metal carrying case. This unique poker set is the ultimate gift for any geek. DC Poker Set The Art of Vintage DC Comics: 100 Postcards Perfect for the geek on your list who lives far from family and friends. This set includes 100 postcards of many superheroes. A great way to keep in touch with loved ones in style. Wonder Woman Vintage Comic Tin Tote This small fun collectible is a great for a geek who is on-the-go. Perfect for carrying lunch and other goodies throughout the day. Give this gift to the geek on your list and you will be thanked! Wonder Woman in Tin Tote DC Comics Shot Glass Perfect for the partying geeks on your list. This 6-pack of shot glasses includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Flash and Green Lantern. Shot glasses stamped with six of the BEST superheroes on them, what more could they ask for? Batman: Arkham Asylum T-Shirt This is the best gift for geeks who love to wear superhero clothing. The shirt includes an amazingly detailed design of Batman from the movie, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Batman T-Shirt DC Comics Heroines Bandz Bracelets These Bandz include bracelets in the designs of Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman which make them perfect for the fashion-friendly geek on your gift list. They can trade them with friends for other superheroes! Comic Toilet Paper If you’re looking for a gift to lighten the mood from the pressure of gift-giving, this is it. Could be a great decorative piece for a geeky guest bathroom, too! Comic Toilet Roll There you have it; these are the best gifts for geeks out there. If you’re trying to impress friends with your super-comic, superhero skills this is the way to do it.

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  • Victoria's Secret Supermodels Become Superheroes

    Posted on December 1, 2011 by PopFunk

    Supermodel met Superhero in the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which aired Tuesday night on CBS. Of all the night's runway looks- which included passion, aquatic, ballet and more- the superhero segment stole our attention.   Nerds across the country squirmed as some of the most beautiful women in the world gave meaning to the term Super Angels. Their outfits did not represent specific famed superheroes, but were merely inspired by the comic book characters. We definitely wouldn't have a problem with these girls fighting crime in next to bare ensembles.  Check out the before and after images below, from concept sketch to final product.  What do you guys think of the Victoria's Secret Supermodels as Superheroes? Victoria's Secret Super AngelsVictoria's Secret Super Angels Victoria's Secret Super AngelsVictoria's Secret Super Angels Victoria's Secret Super AngelsVictoria's Secret Super Angels Victoria's Secret Super AngelsVictoria's Secret Super Angels And because we just can't get enough of Adriana Lima (especially dressed as a superhero)... Victoria's Secret Super Angels Victoria's Secret Super Angels Victoria's Secret Super Angels Check out a full 360-degree view!

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  • The Best 30 Rock Quotes to Celebrate New Season

    Posted on November 23, 2011 by PopFunk

    30 Rock Season 6 is in the building! In honor of the recently announced January 12 season debut, Popfunk is showcasing the best 30 Rock quotes from seasons past and a line of shirts that will have Liz Lemon fans saying "I want to go to there." "There," being a 30 Rock t-shirt, of course. The Five Best 30 Rock Quotes 5. "Lemon out!" 4. "What the what?"- Tracey Jordan 3. "Who said I've been alive forever?" - Kenneth Parcell 2. "Who's crazier, me or Ann Curry?"- Tracey Jordan 1. "I Want to go to There" - Liz Lemon Prepare yourself for the laughs by getting some gear from the Popfunk online store as you stake out for the coming comedy takeover. Read More

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  • Tintin Shirts and Hugo Shirts Added to Popfunk

    Posted on November 17, 2011 by PopFunk

    Popfunk is excited to announce the addition of Tintin shirts and Hugo shirts to our online store! Join Tintin and Captain Haddock as they search for sunken treasure, and Hugo as he tries to solve a mystery involving his late father and an automaton! Check out the trailers below. And of course, be sure to pick up your own officially licensed Tintin shirts and Hugo shirts today!
    The Adventures of Tintin: in theaters December 21!

    Hugo: in theaters November 23!
    Read More

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