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  • The Bruce Lee Family Plans to Open "Action Museum"

    Posted on November 10, 2011 by PopFunk

    Hopes were high when news of the Bruce Lee Action Museum (creatively acronym'd, BLAM) were announced earlier this year. Unfortunately, by June the original plan to turn the icon's former Hong Kong residence into a memorializing museum was scrapped, leaving the project without a home. Until last week, that is. On November 3, the Bruce Lee family proposed the BLAM museum project to the Seattle City Council. Lee had lived in the city throughout the '50s and '60s, and was subsequently buried in Seattle's Lakeview Cemetery after his death in 1973. The proposal cites a potential development location as the Chinatown-International district. Though the city is still waiting on a full proposal (including site availability and funding strategies), the likelihood of this deal going through appears promising, if the enthusiasm of Council president Richard Conlin is any indication. "It's amazing how popular Bruce Lee is when you go to other countries. This is an astonishing opportunity for a great tourist attraction." According to the BLAM manifesto, the future museum will include "exhibits ranging from movie memorabilia to training equipment to writings and photographs to personal memorabilia," as well as "a permanent exhibition space, a gallery for visiting exhibitions, a store, a theater, a meditation space, an outdoor training area, a research library, and a cafe." While it may still be years before we can visit the Bruce Lee Action Museum, Popfunk is currently memorializing the martial arts legend on a series of officially licensed Bruce Lee shirts. And just for good measure, here's Bruce Lee schooling Chuck Norris: Read More

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  • Elvis and Marilyn Monroe Live Again in Online Game

    Posted on November 7, 2011 by PopFunk

    Taking your turn as an immortal entertainment icon will soon be just a mouse click away thanks to the folks at Entertainment Games. Their free-to-play episodic adventure game called Retro World will be launching November 8 on Facebook before expanding to Google+ and tablet devices. In it, we'll see Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe live again within the game, just not necessarily as themselves.
    Retro World
    In an interesting twist, Presley and Monroe will actually play characters within the story-driven game. In the first Retro World launch, "Owl Files", Monroe will play a '60s era spy. A future series will feature Presley as a doctor, much like his last film role, Change of Habit. This format will allow the stars to continue appearing over time in multiple levels as multiple characters. Additionally, users will be able to explore the entire game world with both icons as custom avatars that will be made available for purchase. Entertainment Games hopes to tap into the baby boomer audience that has heretofore been very responsive to other Facebook games. "We think the new generation of gamers is the 40-plus crowd," President Gene Mauro explained. "They don't want games that look like Saturday morning cartoons. They wants something that appeals to them visually, and has actual gameplay at the core. Story-driven adventure games helped advance the game industry forward 20 years ago, and we believe what is old is new again." While that remains to be seen, there is no doubt that Elvis and Marilyn will be forever in style. Here at Popfunk, we've made it our business to keep it that way. Check out our wide variety of Elvis shirts and Marilyn Monroe shirts!
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  • Popeye Headed to the Big Screen

    Posted on November 4, 2011 by PopFunk

    Sony Pictures announced plans this week for an all new Popeye animated feature to be penned by Jay Scherick and David Ronn. Scherick and Ronn were the team behind last summer's blockbuster version of The Smurfs. Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea, Bluto and Wimpy will receive the same 3D animated treatment as the little blue guys, courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation and Arad Productions. Michelle Raimo, president of production at Sony Pictures Animation, is excited for the studio's new take on the world's most famous sailor man. "We're thrilled that Jay and Dave are helping us reintroduce Popeye to a new generation. Their take on the world of Popeye has just the right blend of comedy, adventure and heart -- all the elements that made a great animated film." The film is expected to hit theaters in 2013. In the meantime, hit our online store for the coolest selection of Popeye shirts on the web!
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  • DC Comics and Mattel Extend Partnership

    Posted on November 2, 2011 by PopFunk

    Yesterday, DC Comics and Mattel, Inc. announced a new multi-year agreement that will extend their partnership into unprecedented territory for the next several years. Most notably, Mattel will now have access to the complete DC Comics universe, spanning more than a thousand DC superheroes and super villains. Among them, classics like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, along with the more obscure heroes like Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Shazam. DC & Mattel The deal will also include new toy lines for the long awaited Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel films, as well as a number of animated series for Cartoon Network. Mattel Vice President Tim Kilpin was understandably excited about the future of the relationship. "We are thrilled to further our long-standing partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and support the extensive DC Comics portfolio's development. The DC Comics characters are rich in story and we look forward to bringing these popular characters to life through innovative product design."

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  • Funny Halloween Movies

    Posted on October 27, 2011 by PopFunk

    For those of us that love being scared to death, the weeks leading to Halloween are the best for watching horror movies that make us jump out of our skin. However, those scaredy-cats that refuse to watch frightening flicks can only look forward to the funny Halloween movies. Of all the funny Halloween movies out there, we are going to focus on one of our favorites- Army of Darkness. Army of Darkness ShirtsArmy of Darkness ShirtsArmy of Darkness Shirts Army of Darkness ShirtsArmy of Darkness ShirtsArmy of Darkness Shirts For those of you who have not seen it, Army of Darkness is the third and final installment in the Evil Dead trilogy by director Sam Raimi. Unlike the other two in the series, The Army of Darkness is all-out comic parody. In the film, a discount store employee named Ash is transported back to a medieval castle plagued by monstrous forces in the year 1300 AD. Our hero, stranded with only his car, shotgun and chainsaw, is soon discovered and imprisoned, mistaken as an enemy from a rival kingdom. After proving his merit however, he decides to help the kingdom retrieve the Necronomicon, a magical book needed to dispel the evil forces as well as return him to his own time. Ash accidentally releases an army of skeletons (the Army of Darkness) in his quest for the book, resulting in a battle. The trilogy was responsible for Bruce Campbell’s status as a cult icon and hero to horror fan masses. With memorable quotes such as “This is my boom stick” and “Well Hello Mr. Fancy Pants”, The Army of Darkness is an underrated classic. The fusion or horror and slapstick make The Army of Darkness a must see when watching funny Halloween movies. Check out this video made by one Army of Darkness fan with the best one-liners from the film, and make sure to watch it this Halloween!

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  • How To Do Zombie Makeup for Halloween

    Posted on October 25, 2011 by PopFunk

    Halloween is just around the corner, and many of you may be wondering How To Do Zombie Makeup.  We at Popfunk know a thing or two about Zombies, and are here to give you a step-by-step guide on how to get that back from the dead look.  Zombie T Shirts

    What You Will Need

    Paintbrush Q-tips Liquid latex White cream face makeup Translucent face powder Color makeup palette (red, yellow, blue, green, black) Purple or black lipstick Fake blood (can be purchased or made at home from recipes below)

    How to Do Zombie Makeup

    Corpse-like pale skin: First you will need to cover the face and neck area with a light layer of white cream makeup.  You can apply the makeup using either a sponge or your fingertips, but remember two things: less is more, and blending is key.  You don’t want a caked on appearance, but rather a faint ghostly glow. Feel free to add shades of green and red under the cheekbones for a sullen look. Set the cream makeup with a translucent powder, so that it stays in place and does not sweat or melt off. Veins: Next, you can use a thin paintbrush to draw black and red veins across the face.  Make sure the veins emerge from the edge of the face near the hairline and move inward toward the center of the face. Bruised eye sockets: Blot red makeup over the entire eye socket and top of the eyelid. Then add a light layer of blue coloring over the red, and extend yellow shading out from the edges. Blend well. The Zombie Bite: Using a Q-Tip, apply liquid latex to the neck as a base.  Use a hair dyer to solidify the liquid latex, which will probably take around 2-minutes to be completely dry. Next, cover the entire base with black makeup, and deepen the center with deep red. Blend the bite into the rest of your neck by adding bruising.  Use fingers to pat a dark blue ring around the black rim of latex. Blend red outward over the blue and add yellow blotches to give realistic look.  Add blood to the wound for an oozing gory addition. The Hungry Mouth: Blacken teeth for a truly disturbing touch, using Mehron Tooth F-X (lasts all day and tastes like mint) or by dabbing black lipstick. Apply purple or black lipstick to the lips. Drool a generous amount of blood from mouth and chin. Clothing: Last but not least, rip, slash, wrinkle, and dirty the clothing you will be wearing to really look like you are the living dead. Blood: Arguably the most important part of the Zombie Makeup is the blood.  You will need to add blood to your clothing, your face, your mouth, your zombie bite, and body to achieve the most horrifying and gruesome presence. You can purchase fake blood from any costume shop or Halloween store, but we suggest you make your own blood following the recipes below.  There are different blood recipes listed for their purpose, including scabby realistic blood, bright red blood, scabs and more.  Try them for yourself! Clothing spray blood, with a bright red appearance (will stain!) 1/4 cup water 4 drops of red food coloring Thin dark blood, perfect for smearing on clothing or walls 1/4 cup water 8 drops of red food coloring 4 TBS corn syrup 2 drops yellow food coloring 1 drop green food coloring Thick realistic Blood with a dark tint for skin 2 TBSP Corn syrup 4 drops of red food coloring 1 tsp cocoa mix Gross blood with flakes of skin and scabs inside- great for wounds! 2 TBSP Corn syrup 1/2 tsp dried onion flakes 1/4 tsp water 6 drops red food coloring 1 tsp cocoa mix Dripping blood, reddish brown and perfect consistency for dripping down your chin, arms, walls or windows 2 TBS corn syrup 2 drops red food coloring 1/4 tsp cocoa mix Scabs 1/2 TBS corn starch 1 tsp water 1/4 tsp corn syrup 3/4 tsp onion flakes (1 tsp corn flakes or bran flakes will work, too) 1 drop red food coloring 1 drop yellow food coloring Instructions: Clump the mixture onto your skin, keeping in mind that the red food coloring will leave a light stain after the scab is removed. As the scab dries, it will look darker and the clumps will become more prominent. Fake chunks of doughy flesh 2 TBS corn starch 4 tsp water 2 drops red food coloring 1/4 tsp cocoa mix Instructions: Add all of the cornstarch to the bowl. Add only 2 tsp water. Stir. Add 2 drops of food coloring. Stir. Add 2 more tsp of water and another drop of food coloring, stir. Add 1/4 tsp of water. Stir until you have a good, rubbery texture, then add cocoa as the last ingredient. You will need to press the mixture against the side of the bowl in order to blend. Use those muscles! Well, there you have it! Let us know if you have any of your own tips on how to do zombie makeup and show us your pictures as Zombies for Halloween!  

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  • The Truth About Zombies

    Posted on October 20, 2011 by PopFunk

    ZOMBIES: They're one of the most enduring creatures in human folklore, enjoying quite a pop culture resurgence in the last few decades. We know them well from classic horror flicks like Night Of The Living Dead and Dawn Of The Dead, as well as more recent rompers like 28 Days Later and AMC's series The Walking Dead. They're decomposing, hungry for brains, and coming to get you. That much we know. Oh, and they must be killed by a blow to the head... But what is the truth about zombies? Where did their myth originate and why are we so fascinated with them? Zombiism has roots in Haitian Voodoo culture. Voodoo priests called Bokors were believed to have the ability to reanimate dead bodies. This in itself, however, was more like a sleight of hand. Bokors were not able to resurrect the dead. What they were actually doing was placing an individual in a coma-like state using a powdery substance called coup padre. Their vital signs would become undetectable, leading family members to bury their "dead", only to have them exhumed later by the Bokors very much alive. However, the coup padre also left these individuals in a primitive, mindless state, leaving them to do little more than grunt and roam through the village. Haitian myth maintains that these zombies would then remain under the control of the Bokor until they themselves died. In American culture, the concept of the zombiism owes much to the medium of film, becoming a popular cinematic theme following 1932's zombie flick prototype, White Zombie. From there, George A. Romero was largely responsible for laying the groundwork for the zombie culture we know today. His seminal zombie trilogy -- Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, and Day Of The Dead -- spanned three decades, providing endless inspiration for zombie movies, and the horror genre in general. Today, we tune in to zombies weekly on television. We dress up as them in large zombified assemblies. Sometimes we even encounter them while driving. With Halloween approaching, and no end to the zombie mania in sight, at least now you'll have a little background on zombiism in your brain should you ever need it. Just keep on an eye on that thing. You never know who may try to eat it. Read More

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  • Batman Arkham City Villains

    Posted on October 18, 2011 by PopFunk

    The countdown is over for comic geeks and gamers. Today sees the release of Batman Arkham City, Rocksteady's highly anticipated sequel to 2009's Batman Arkham Asylum. And the list of Batman Arkham City villains poised to tangle with the Caped Crusader reads like it's straight out of a fanboy's dreams. More than a dozen dangerous derelicts are represented from classics like Joker, Two Face and The Riddler, to more obscure bad guys like Hugo Strange, Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy. The JokerSolomon GrundyTwo Face Check out the intense launch trailer below. After that gets your blood flowing, be sure to browse the epic selection of Batman Arkham City villains Popfunk's got sprawled throughout our online store! Batman Arkham City is available now for Xbox 360 and PS3. Read More

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  • What is Comic Con?

    Posted on October 12, 2011 by PopFunk

    In the last 41 years, San Diego Comic Con International has established itself as the preeminent comic convention in the United States (not to mention fourth largest in the world), boasting over 130,000 attendees in 2010. However, New York Comic Con, SDCC’s East Coast counterpart since 2006, continues to make its bid for biggest US geek gathering with this weekend’s convention. Expecting to eclipse last year’s attendance mark of 96,000 happy comic enthusiasts, the 2011 New York Comic Con will enlist over 700 exhibitors and 400 artists. Among the participating exhibitors staking a claim on the Jacob Javits Center this weekend are Activision, Capcom, Dark Horse, DC, Hasbro, Marvel and Mattel. Notable artists include Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller and Kevin Smith. Also appearing to throughout the weekend will be Eliza Dushku, Mark Hamil, Rose McGowan, Jason Momoa, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, and the entire cast of Paramount’s upcoming Avengers movie. Organizers have also landed a first time sponsor in Chevrolet, who plan to make its consumer debut of the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic at the convention. Ticket packages for NYCC are still available at Killer comic t shirts that will make you the envy of every other fanatic at the convention are still available at New York Comic Con Read More

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  • MTV Declares October "Axe Cop Month"

    Posted on October 11, 2011 by PopFunk

    Munchkin Axe Cop Card Game Of all the comic t shirts that we print, one of our favorites is Axe Cop. So we were delighted by the glowing review Axe Cop received from MTV this week! In a write-up of the new Munchkin Axe Cop card game (to be released next month), MTV declared, “October is Axe Cop Month.” They’ll certainly get no argument here! The hit collaboration between 29-year-old comic artist, Ethan Nicolle, and his 5-year-old brother, Malachai Nicolle, will see its new trade paperback, Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth, officially hit the shelves next week. And of course, Popfunk currently has a dozen fine Axe Cop shirts that you can’t find elsewhere. August, September, Axe Cop, November, December... Yeah, sounds good to us! Check out the full Munchkin Axe Cop feature at MTV! Munchkin Axe Cop Card GameMunchkin Axe Cop Card GameMunchkin Axe Cop Card Game Read More

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