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  • Lotsa Hot Stuff at Lollapalooza 2011

    Posted on June 28, 2011 by PopFunk

    This post was brought to you by the Sun Records T Shirt Collection at and the 2011 Parkway Foundation Lollapalooza.
    Move over Fashion Week. Lollapalooza is cleared for landing and is set to celebrate 20 year-old food, music and fun induced-euphoria that stunts all over Woodstock.
    Chicago’s Grant Park will be infused with the soul of a rocker, the gusto of Man v. Food’s Adam Richman and the heart of a community from August 5-7, 2011.
    Groove: Reminiscent of the days when bass, treble and arpeggios could command a sea of people to lift their hands and instruments, toss their cares to the wind and simply rock out, Lollapalooza takes you there with a 115-acre cultural amusement play land. Featuring musical selections running the gamut of your enviable iTunes Library, you will get your fill of hip-hop, indie, electronica, reggae and rock.
    The musical lineup is one to rival those featured on corny award shows with appearances by Kid Cudi, Eminem, Coldplay, Cee Lo, My Morning Jacket, The Cars, Dead Mau5, A Perfect Circle and Ryan Leslie. You can plan your weekend around the vibe that you’re feeling. The bands play on and on.
    Grub: Worried that you might have to pause the fun to find some grub? Don’t even consider it! LOLLAPALOOZA features a smorgasbord of Chicago’s best restaurants ready to stuff you with the kinds of dishes you see spotlighted on TV. Make sure you’re wearing a T Shirt that’ll stretch around your overloaded stomach and one that won’t cry about a lil’ mustard stain. Chowtown, as Lollapalooza’s cornucopia is affectionately called, will feature Chicago’s own Franks n Dawgs Connie’s Pizza, Crescent Foods, BJ’s Market and Bakery, Goose Island Brew Pub, Grahamwich, Burrito Beach and so many others you could make Chowtown hopping the event of choice.
    Good, Green Fun: If great food and exceptional music aren’t enough to send you into overload, Lolla also offers a host of other activities for your participation. You can stake your claim on a collectible Lolla T Shirt by joining the Rock & Recycle Movement in Grant Park. Or take your lil’ rocker to Kidzapalooza for free and show them a really cool time while reminiscing about how you used to have hair that blew in the wind of your favorite band’s beat.
    The folks over at Lollapalooza have you totally covered. You can plan your trip here and let the good music, good food and good times roll. The 20-year anniversary of our country’s live outdoor funfest promises to make you feel the magic of the entire experience.
    Sound Off: Post your Lollapalooza experiences! Let's see who had the wildest time in the last 20 years.

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