Dexter: Final Episode In Sight

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Though Dexter fans are anxiously awaiting this week's Season Six finale, a new interview with show star Michael C. Hall was published today, covering, among other things, the inevitable curtain call for the series. That's right: the Dexter final episode is now in sight. Showtime formally announced that the series will continue through Season Eight, giving the show ample time to start building toward a fitting finale. Whether that will involve Dexter's bloody secret life finally being discovered, his ultimate demise, or nothing of the sort, Hall was not quick to say. "It seems like a reasonable thing to think, that things won't end well for the character. But there are no rules. I don't think there's anything we're obliged to say," he told Huffington Post. "I don't know if it's possible to conclude something that people have been spending this much time with in a way that is satisfying to everyone, and if that's your focus, it's going to be hard." He then remarked that they may just throw the audience a curveball, "Maybe he'll walk out and get hit by a bus. Beep! The end." That would surely stir a lot of our dark passengers. Good thing he's joking! Season Six of Dexter concludes this Sunday on Showtime -- a fine excuse to stock up on Popfunk's new Dexter shirts. Sport your favorite serial killer serial killer before he's gone for good.

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