Guess Who's Coming to the Office Party

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    This post is brought to you by the Office T Shirt Collection at,, and After appearing in the Season 7  finale of The Office, three-time Emmy winner James Spader looks to have won the top spot. While no contracts or scripts have been penned, Spader is expected to start his first day as the new CEO; a role his character feels is more suitable. Watch Spader’s audition on the Season 7 episode here. Spader’s character---- Robert California--- will be replacing Kathy Bates and will function in a weekly role as opposed to Bates’ typical guest appearance flow. According to, a source close to the show claims producers felt Spader “kicked ass” and was "too good to pass up." Spader’s odd energy and dry humor is sure to gel with The Office cast and considering his “Everything is sex” commentary there’s no telling what to expect of the ridiculously funny and abstract sitcom. Sound Off: What do you think of James Spader as the newest addition to The Office?    

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