Meet Me at the Movies!

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A new startup service called MoviePass offers unlimited movie passes for $50 a month. Now you can check out your favorite flicks during your lunch hour and still afford to eat lunch.
You know that feeling you get when a new flick is coming out and you’re dying to see it but you have to choose between the cost of admission and the gas it will take you to get to the theatre? Well MoviePass has an answer for that.
In hopes of offering similar services as Netflix (who doesn’t love Netflix?), you will be able to use your smartphone as the holy-grail of all movie tickets and gain access to theatres as many times a month as your account allows.
Fifty bucks will afford you unlimited privileges for a month and the company is also preparing to launch a “limited” MoviePass for $30 that allows subscribers to view a total of four movies per month.
While the pilot passes are only being accepted in the San Francisco Bay area, the company has set its sights on a national launch (with 40 percent of theatres on board) this coming fall.
The opportunity to change the way we seek and enjoy entertainment is upon us. Who will answer the call?
Sound off if you want MoviePass available in your town!!

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