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About Our SPACE ACE Merchandise

Originally a Video Game released on Lazer Disk in 1983, Space Ace had a short-lived run as an animated series based on the same characters and plot. In the Video Game Space Ace is charged with rescuing his girlfriend Kimberly from the menacing Commander Borf who has kidnapped her and taken her into outer space. The cartoon series Space Ace debuted in 1984, and was broadcast as part of the Saturday Supercade cartoon block, which was composed of cartoon shorts based on contemporary video games. Twelve episodes of the show were produced, and are still occasionally shown on Cartoon Network late at night. Space Ace and The Dragon\'s Lair are still popular among Retro Video Game enthusiasts worldwide. Our Space Ace T Shirts are comfortable and made of the highest quality materials. Wear one on your next intergalactic adventure!