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About Our FARSCAPE Merchandise

Science Fiction TV fans flocked to Farscape, an award-winning Australian sci-fi series, when it aired on U.S. screens for the first time in 1998. Produced by Jim Henson Productions, Farscape told the tale of John Crichton, an American astronaut living the good life until a freak accident during an experimental space mission catapults him across a thousand galaxies to an alien battlefield. Suddenly, he\'s trapped among alien beings wielding deadly technology with no way home. Despite three successful seasons on the SyFy Channel, Farscape was abruptly cancelled in 2002 to the dismay of its legion of fans, who eventually pushed for a miniseries. Farscape was named by TV Guide as one of the best Cult TV Shows ever. Bring Farscape back to life with our out-of-this-world Farscape Tee Shirts! These terrific Tees are a perfect tribute to this Science Fiction TV cult classic.