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BJ AND THE BEAR Merchandise

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About Our BJ AND THE BEAR Merchandise

Despite its short stint on air, NBC\'s BJ and the Bear is still remembered by TV comedy buffs. Starring Greg Evigan and Claude Akins, the quirky show which debuted in 1979 revolved around a long-haired trucker, BJ, who rode across America in a red and white semi with his pet chimpanzee, Bear. This television comedy got its biggest laughs when BJ and the Bear tried to start their own trucking company, Bear Enterprises. B.J. was unable to hire experienced truckers and was forced to hire several beautiful young female truckers, an obvious attempt to lure more male viewers. But in the end, NBC cancelled BJ and the Bear after only three seasons. These rare BJ and the Bear tee shirts are created with precision and care to ensure a fine product that will stand the test of time.