BACHELOR, THE Merchandise

BACHELOR, THE Merchandise

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About Our BACHELOR, THE Merchandise

The Bachelor, a reality television show, debuted on ABC in 2002 and has been running for 16 seasons. The chosen bachelor goes on dates with 25 women, awarding roses to those he would like to continue seeing at the end of each week. Through challenges, group dates, and one-on-one dates, he gets to know each of the women until he dwindles them down to the final four, who take him to meet their families on hometown dates. The final two spend a week with the bachelor at a destination where he chooses one woman and often proposes to her. If you love the rose ceremonies, the bachelor, and the drama, this is the show and the shirts for you. You may not get to be featured on the show, but you\'ll look as fabulous as the contestants in our Bachelor t-shirts.